Flex Dry - Pink




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One brush for all hair types and painful encounters with its new innovation, the Duo Flex technology! Combined with IntelliFlex bristles with a flexible brush head for maximum detangling effectiveness, giving you a painless and effortless detangling experience! Flexible Brush provides gentle brushing, perfect for those with sensitive scalps while its SofTips massages your scalp for a healthier hair! Heat Resistant IntelliFlex Bristles wit an open vented design allows for even air flow during blow-drying, resulting in lesser time spent and lesser heat damage to your hair! Suitable for Wet or Dry hair, during wash or while blow drying and best for curly or easily tangled hair! Say goodbye to split ends, tangled hair and painful brushes.


Simply brush through wet or dry hair before or after shower to detangle

Brush through curls to give it a natural wavy look!

To dry, simply comb through while drying your hair to speed up drying process!

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